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I’m sorry. I had to.

requested by: xmichaeljacksonx


aawww poor michael he really had to go to the bathroom but the fans were in the way so i guss he had to let it go there lol


you guys need to stop me

"I would try and show them some of the wonderful things that they are missing and not to be overly serious and not too much of a workaholic, even though I am a workaholic. But you must stop sometimes and have fun. There is so much fun to be had because once… our time can be so limited on the planet and I think real family and great memories and doing things with children are some of the most wonderful treasures. I have had some amazing good times. When I am sad I start reflecting on the good times to make me feel better. I do it in bed at night sometimes when I get down on my self. I put the most wonderful thought in my head, some wonderful experience and I feel a chemical reaction taking over in my body where I am actually there and I love that. I get upset if some idiot, I mean worse that a Stooge, a complete idiot writes something stupid and so untrue and so unlike what happened at the event or something I was at. And I get so angry and I try not to be angry because I am hurting myself. And I start thinking about me flying through the air with the wind in my face . I do it in Africa. I go way up high and I so happy up there and I am flying. I think it is one of the most wonderful things I have discovered and I love it. It’s the freedom. It’s bliss. It’s quintessential bliss, I think. It’s the height of fun."

Michael Jackson (via spiritsdancinginthenight)