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I’ve just tweeted this because I really thought it’s important for Benedict Cumberbatch to finally realize how massive is the support and love we all want to give.

I don’t really mind what they might think about this, I don’t even feel ashamed, because since I saw Ben’s face at the losing moment I needed to do anything to cheer him up.

Please, Sherlockians, Cumberbitches and everyone out there, make Benedict know who is the winner tonight.

Proud cumberbitch? Then REBLOG.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I use to do. Yes, I say it in present. I don’t get tired of watching his incredible beauty.



Can’t even resist, damn god shag………

Well, its Quallity may be lost in Neverland, but I think this is just amazing, really love it.

Even most wonderful now that it’s on my BB

You can also see it here in HD:

Seriously, tell me, WHERE?