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My tea time.

Thanks to Marie for such delightful presents.

When I suddenly realized I took this in my London trip last summer I almost fell because of my desperate run for finding it. I’m so damn fetishist.

The city of my dreams

This holy T-shirt (made by myself) makes me look fat, like I had no curves, DAMN IT.

But guess who’s giving a single shit? :D



September, 1st. 2004 Seven years ago was my first visit to London. When I was taking the plane to come back to my country, in that very moment I promised to come back.

September, 2nd. 2011 Last summer I came back and made the same promise to the Big Ben.

September, 2nd. 2012 I was dreaming night & day about being in London. It felt like a real need to me. This summer is the moment. It’s official. I just wish to make my promise to London for the third time in my life.

My beloved London.

You still waiting for me?

"I’m about to loose my mind

I need a Doctor to bring me back to the life…”



Can’t even resist, damn god shag………

That night I swore to the Big Ben comin’ back one more time. The first time I said that I kept my promise. I will go back to my beloved London for the third time, someday.

A picture I took of an awesome rose in Queen’s Mary Rose Garden, so near to Baker Street! :)