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But mama, I’m in love with a sociopath.

This last gif is actually my first reaction to this man, I can’t even stand it much more…

God, forgive me but I NEED TO “SLEEP” WITH THIS GUY SO BAD!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Dr Watson :) ♥

I just love them.

The inmortal Sherlock Holmes

Well, this time it’s not about getting notes but to “thank” BBC SHERLOCK something I never expected to gain. But I did. It’s about the cutest friendship I ever had. A never expected one.
I guess this ain’t going be read by anyone because I like to write so much that I could kill anyone of boredom, but it would be such a sweet fact to let some people know how wonderful my life turned since I’m part of Sherlock’s fandom.
It’s not about hormonal & ovaries explosions but to find the Sherlock to my John. That’s what I actually have to thank.
A few years ago I met a very singular girl at university and we were just colleagues, but anything special. Someday, three years after I realized “by chance” she liked this tv show, so I started a little chat to let her know I also liked it.

It all came after that. We started going out –you know, as friends- and freaking all around with Sherlock conversations and fetish, till we get a little bit obsessed! But it was all funny.
Now, it’s like 2 months after that happened. Sherlock it’s a big part of our friendship but it’s not the 100%. It’s true, our relationship developed as a Holmes-Watson one, first for fun, and then it just became something real. Not our purpose, but we both gained something, a strong and now unbreakable bond between us. I can tell by heart she’s one of my very best friends and since I even escape my classes to join her at her free hours in university I can’t go a day without being with her at least for some minutes. It’s not like I feel like dying or something, but… she daily makes me feel I’m important to someone, and this is something not everybody knows how to do. That’s why she’s the Sherlock to my John. She gained her place in my life and know she’s so important it could never be the same for me if someday anything gets wrong between us. But let me tell you this, my dearest Sherly girl: I would never allow that.

Know I get this, so special friendship I’ll never let it go. So let me be thankful. I really appreciate the fact you are by my side in a special way anyone did before. That’s why you are my bromate, isn’t it?

So, please, get well soon so we don’t have to delay another evening together never again :)

I really love you, very much.

-Jawnny Girl

BLUEBELL. Sexually oblivious Sherlock… ♥

I love him. Just LOVE him.