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The inmortal Sherlock Holmes

The city of my dreams

I feel like I was in a JW jumper. I know it’s not that look alike but just got this cute feeling everytime I get dressed by it. :) ♥

I just love how it looks~♥

I CAN’T HELP THINKING THIS IS EXTREMELY CUTE. I do not use to ship Johnlock………..

tuxessories: presents a limited edition of our Hat-Man necklace!

Along with it comes The Great Game!

1. Reblog to enter!

2. Keep it to one reblog per week if you wish to do so more than once!

3. Raffle period ends on March 31st, 2012.

4. The winner will be notified through their Ask Box, and announcements will be posted on the Tuxessories Tumblr and Tuxessories Facebook page.

The game, Sherlockians, is on!

September, 1st. 2004 Seven years ago was my first visit to London. When I was taking the plane to come back to my country, in that very moment I promised to come back.

September, 2nd. 2011 Last summer I came back and made the same promise to the Big Ben.

September, 2nd. 2012 I was dreaming night & day about being in London. It felt like a real need to me. This summer is the moment. It’s official. I just wish to make my promise to London for the third time in my life.

A better human being.

Poor fish… but this is so damn cute.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I use to do. Yes, I say it in present. I don’t get tired of watching his incredible beauty.

My beloved London.

You still waiting for me?

AWESOME PIC. Leaves me breathless.