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I miss those times

I’ve just tweeted this because I really thought it’s important for Benedict Cumberbatch to finally realize how massive is the support and love we all want to give.

I don’t really mind what they might think about this, I don’t even feel ashamed, because since I saw Ben’s face at the losing moment I needed to do anything to cheer him up.

Please, Sherlockians, Cumberbitches and everyone out there, make Benedict know who is the winner tonight.

I loved this guy SO MUCH~ ♥

The city of my dreams

I love him. Just LOVE him.


I cant be the only one…

No, you’re not :) #Watson’sWarriors

This holy T-shirt (made by myself) makes me look fat, like I had no curves, DAMN IT.

But guess who’s giving a single shit? :D